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Was your gas boiler installed before 2005? If so, there is every chance that it is going to be costing you money. Modern ‘A’ rated boilers are far more fuel efficient Boiler Installation Londonthan their older counterparts and the installation of a newer boiler can result in saving as much as 20p in every £1 that you spend on your household heating bills.

If that is not enough to make you consider boiler installation London, older boilers are also far more costly to repair and maintain than new boilers, the majority of which are now supplied with significant warranties (often including spare parts and labour).

Time For a Change

There can be little doubt that old boilers are often very inefficient and because of this are prone to wasting both energy and money.

A relatively new innovation in the boiler industry, combi-boilers, has helped to elevate modern central heating systems to a higher level.  Gone are the days of questionable reliability, replaced by ‘A’ rated boilers which have exceptional efficiency ratings of more than 90% in some cases.

If you believe that it may be time for a change, put your trust in J & P Plumbing and our team of Vaillant and Baxi accredited boiler experts to provide you with a solution that will improve the heating efficiency in your house whilst reducing the cost of your household energy bills.

Invaluable Experience

Our team possesses extensive experience in all aspects of installation, servicing and repair of boilers. We install many boilers in London each and every year and are happy to advise our customers on the most appropriate solution for their individual property.

Vaillant, Baxi and GlowWorm  are amongst the most popular brands in the country and we can offer an extended 10 year manufacturers backed guarantee on many of the boilers that we install.

Complete Boiler Service

We offer a comprehensive range of boiler maintenance, repair and installation services along with offering advice and installation options for anyone looking to upgrade their old heating system into a new, energy efficient one.

We pride ourselves on giving all of our customer’s total satisfaction by ensuring that all work is completed professionally and safely.

For further information please contact us on Tel. No.  020 7610 1616, via e-mail at or via our Facebook page and we will be happy to help in any way that we can.

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