The Most Common Causes of A Leaky Toilet

//The Most Common Causes of A Leaky Toilet

The Most Common Causes of A Leaky Toilet

Having a leaky toilet can cause a heap of problems. In order to get it fixed, you need to know where the issue stems from. Here, you will learn of the most common causes of a leaky toilet.

One reason why your toilet may be leaky is that the bolts or washers are worn. There are two large bolts that hold the tank and toilet together, as well as a three-inch gasket. If these things get worn down, water may begin coming out of your toilet.

A Common Problem With Leaky Toilets

Corrosion is another common cause of leaky toilets. This issue can occur anywhere in the toilet and pipes. It has a number of causes, from old age to chemical reactions. Since the problem may occur in the plumbing and pipes, this is quite possibly the worst cause of a leaky toilet and the most expensive to take care of! Also, this may not be an issue you can fix yourself, meaning you may have to hire a plumber.

Rusty pipes are the result of corrosion and could be the main cause of your leaky toilet. It damages the toilet’s metallic parts. Most parts of a toilet tend to be underwater most of the part; when these parts are constantly in water, they may begin to rust. When this happens, you may have to replace said parts.

Issues With The Tank

You may be experiencing a leaky toilet if the tank is cracked. The water from the tank is what is used to flush your toilet. If it is cracked, water may begin leaking out of it. Similarly, a cracked bowl can have the same effect. If either of these are the cause, you more than likely will need the replaced.

The feed line is pipe or tube that provides the toilet with water when you push down the flush handle. If this line becomes loose or worn down, you can expect water to begin leaking.

If there is a problem with the fill valve, water may begin coming out of your toilet. Should this be the cause, you will need to take out and replace the gasket and washer in order to tighten up the fill valve assembly.

In conclusion, it is no fun to have a leaky toilet. To fix the problem and have a better-functioning toilet, you will need to identify the cause. This article has explained such causes.

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